An inclusive global company

Who are we ?

World leader in productivity solution in wire, tube and flatstock forming

HR Philosophy

Performance, Respect and Customer focus are the key values that bind all Numalliance team members together, whose daily commitment makes the success of the company.

By joining our team you will work in an innovative, inclusive and international company famed for its know how, where you will carry responsibility and autonomy.

How to get hired ?

Simply apply responding to job posting or feel free to drop your resume with your center of interest, availability and mobility on our website.

We review all application cautiously and will strive to answer in a friendly efficient and inclusive way.


You can apply on any job board or send us an email to : We will review attentatively your education, training experience and profesional objectives… Your file when then be reviewed by the managers in the field you applied. In case we have no immediate need for your profile we will keep it in our database.


If your application is of interest to us, we will have a first phone interview. This will enable us to access your objectives and career development and will give you a first impression of Numalliance. Upon a succesful phone interview we will invite you for an in person meeting.


There are usually one to two in person meeting during which you will meet with the manager and an HR specialist. These meeting will review in depth your abilities, experience and motivation, and is the opportunity to exchange views on the position offered. It also is the time for you to evaluate how you can fit in our environment.

In some occurence we can organize visio call.


Final decision is made in agreement with all staff that participated in the hiring process. We are seaking individuals that fit our job description as well as adhere to our company values. We will conduct reference and employment check with your agreement, and eventually draft an offer.

Welcome to Numalliance !

CSR, a real lever for performance and sustainability​

Environmental Responsibility

We limit our environmental impact as much as possible. We promote eco-friendly concepts and methods by providing sustainable solutions that comply with laws and regulations, or chosing short-circuits and working with local suppliers whenever possible.

Social Responsibility

We promote the safety and well-being of our employees. We are committed to develop the talents of our team. We promote diversity, initiatives and collaborative work, real keys to success and performance drivers. We wish to guarantee employment locally for future generations and we are doing everything possible to achieve this goal.

Economic Responsibility

We offer our customers sustainable solutions with real economic added value. We all work together for a solid and sustainable value creation. We place innovation at the heart of our business, serving our customers and our competitiveness. Our focus on risk management, is also a way to ensure the sustainability of our company.



A third of our employees dedicated to engineering and R&D.


More than 13.000 machines and work cells worldwide.


450 people committed to your satisfaction.


A dedicated team to assist you through our 15 locations across the world.